Introduction to Games Lab

Although Australia isn’t necessarily a global powerhouse when it comes to churning out iGaming developers, Games Lab has bucked this trend since setting up in 2002.

Since the Sydney-based team was first put together, Games Lab has built up a reputation for designing custom games for a variety of operators and providers.

Games Lab isknown for combining innovative game designs and striking graphics thatdeliver a top-tier gaming experience. This is a player-focused design studio that always designs with the end user in mind.

Although itsdesign expertise now spans a number of different game types, styles and genres, Games Lab isperhaps most well-known for itsreleases in the iGaming sector. Here, it hasspecialized in a range of real-money online casino games, with a particular focus on social casino slots.These titles are carried by some of the leading iGaming platforms.

In addition, Games Lab provides a range of different game development services, which include both custom game design and various other artistic services.

History of Games Lab

Games Lab wasofficially incorporated in 2008, though itshistory as a development studio stretches further back than this. It was originally established as part of the Blue Wombat Group in 2002, with Games Lab then setting out on its own in 2008.

Itsproduction team based in the Sydney headquarters consists of an experienced groupof game designers, graphic artists, animators, sound designers, QA testers and high-level mathematicians dedicated to crafting some of the best games in the business.

Over time, Games Lab has developed a specialty for real-money casino slots, as well as a range of other casino products for the online gaming sector.

In recent years, it has also developed a strong presence in the social gaming sector, which bridges the gap between social media and iGaming. The launch of Slots Central in 2013 marked a pivotal moment for Games Lab in this regard. This was its first foray into the social casino slots market. It launched on Facebook in early 2013, andAndroid and iOS versions were released in late 2013.

More recently, Games Lab has diversified into entertainment games. Itsfirst major releasecame in 2015 with Final War: 5 Dragons, which was followed up by Penny Parlor, Bomba and Toot Toot ABC on iOS and Android.

Games Lab Top Games

Although it is now a well-diversified development studio with a presence in the social gaming, online gaming, entertainment gaming and tabletop gaming sectors, Games Lab ismost well-known for itsonline casino titles.

Online slots have proved to be themost popular category, particularly through the social gaming platform Slots Central.

Games Lab is known for itstop-notch visuals and art direction, while also focusing on the smaller details of the game mechanics. This makes for games that are engaging and visually impressive in equal measure.

One of the most popular titles released by Games Lab is Aztec Diamonds. This is a five-reel slot that features 30 paylines with a top win of 1,500. Set in the late Mesoamerican Aztec age, Aztec Diamonds is a surprisingly well-thought-out example of a genre that can often feel overdone.

Aztec Diamonds is a medium volatility slot and is packed full of bonus features such as jackpot diamonds, expanding reels, free spins, and many more.

Online casino fans might also be familiar with Osiris, which is another popular slot released by Games Lab. Osiris is a 50-payline slot that takes players on an epic, albeit not unfamiliar, journey through ancient Egypt. It features stunning graphics and unique bonus rounds, with plenty of free spins, locked wilds and epic multipliers.

Games Lab Notable Awards

In terms of the industry recognition that Games Lab has received for itswork, we have not been able to find any examples of awards it has won since setting up shop. However, given how crowded the industry is and how well-received by fans itsgames have been, this is not too much of an issue. What matters is that Games Lab titleshave continued to be played by online casino fans across the world.

Games Lab Summary

Since itsrelatively humble start as a small software development studio in 2002, Games Lab has gone on to become one of the shining lights in the Australian iGaming scene. With a string of well-received releases now behind it, the future looks bright for this provider.

Games Lab has a wide variety of games on offer, though itsfocus is on creating exciting and engaging online slots that dazzle players and deliver big bonuses. When combined with itstop-tier backend team, it looks likely that Games Lab will continue to be at the top of itsgame for quite some time to come.