There Can Be An Association Between Card Counting And Success In Gambling

There Can Be An Association Between Card Counting And Success In Gambling

A massive win is certainly life-changing and stimulating, but a few brave hearts have tasted the nectar of success. If the gambling voyage has not that fruitful, then remember, patience is a great virtue. There can be an association between card counting and success in gambling, as almost, all richest and triumphant gamblers have started their career as professional gamblers. There are people on this earth who have earned millions and even billion from wagering. Inevitably card counting was a gambling strategy for these super-rich gamblers. Some of them become rich and famous while playing online poker; if this narrative makes you inspired, log on to 918 kiss for a thrilling poker session.


Bill Benter 


This professional gambler has a net worth of $100 million and accumulated this wealth from blackjack and horse race betting. Bill Benter was born in 1957 in, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; he persuaded a degree in physics and used the mathematical skill in card counting in Las Vegas casinos. Edward Thorp`s Beat, the Dealer, helped him to improve his gambling skill significantly. He smashed the house edge in a blackjack table for seven consecutive years, winning time and again. Finally, frustrated casinos house banned him from playing card games. Then he met Allan Woods, the duo moved to Hong Kong and prepared a plan to forecast horse race results. They created the first gambling software and to date, the system is acclaimed. 


The Benter developed software that considered many variables to forecast a result; he constantly thrived to improve the system to give a true edge over other gamblers. The two gamblers parted over a row, Benter stayed in Hong Kong, extending the boundaries in the racing track. It is estimated Bill Benter makes $100 million annually, often making a kill of $5 to 10 million in a single race. This millionaire has a big heart makes a significant contribution to philanthropy and political parties.


Edward Thorp


He was born in 1932; Chicago completed his PhD in mathematics from UCLA and worked as a math professor from 1959 to 1977. He developed a blackjack strategy using an IBM704 computer which decreases house edge critically. He tested the practicality of the developed strategy in various casinos in Las Vegas and Reno. He inscribed those well-thought strategies in the book Beat the House, which is considered Bible for card counting both by armatures and professionals.